Texas Department of Insurance

The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) is a state agency responsible for both consumers and the insurance industry. We work to fulfill our legislative mandate to regulate the insurance industry, administer the Texas workers’ compensation system, and promote a healthy insurance marketplace, while also protecting the people and businesses that are served by insurance. We take our responsibility to Texans seriously and strive for excellent customer service through our professional attitude, competence and efficiency.

Important notice: Read before you apply

Veterans’ Preference:

To receive veterans’ preference, applicants must provide at least one the following documents with their State of Texas Application:

  • a copy of the DD 214, member #4;
  • a statement of compensation from the Veterans Benefits Administration; or
  • a copy of the DD 1300.

Applicable Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) codes are included, but not limited to the following: 27, 27A, 27B, 4409, 4410

Additional Military Crosswalk information can be accessed at:

Current Opportunity: Prosecutor

Internal/External Posting-TDI Employees and the General Public

This position is in the Fraud Unit and serves as a Prosecutor in the Travis County District Attorney’s office. The Prosecutor is responsible for prosecuting insurance fraud cases referred by the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) Fraud Unit.

Additionally, this position:

  • works cooperatively with TDI Fraud Unit investigators, attorneys and staff, providing guidance and assistance with investigations and referral reports as a liaison between the Travis County District Attorney’s Office and the TDI Fraud Unit;
  • evaluates assigned insurance fraud cases;
  • may evaluate insurance fraud referrals in order to decide whether or not to accept or reject the case for prosecution, to determine the appropriate charge to be filed, and preparing the required documentation for indictment;
  • explains legal process to potential witnesses and prepares witnesses for court testimony;
  • ensures TDI Fraud Unit and victims are kept informed on status of cases;
  • prepares subpoenas, search warrants, affidavits and arrest warrants;
  • drafts, files, and responds to necessary motions, briefs, or other legal documents for trial and/or a hearing;
  • gathers, prepares, and presents evidence and related material for trial or a hearing;
  • represents the state in trial and hearings by conducting jury selection, presenting opening statements, conducting direct and cross-examinations of witnesses, and presenting closing arguments;
  • may negotiate plea-bargains;
  • prepares necessary legal documents if plea-bargain agreement is reached and ensures proper signatures are secured and documents filed as required;
  • reviews drafts of laws, rules, and regulations affecting TDI Fraud Unit operations;
  • may assist in formulating, coordinating, and establishing policies and procedures for TDI Fraud Unit;
  • may analyze or draft bills and amendments for legislative consideration, memoranda on regulatory matter, and administrative rules for the Texas register; and
  • may provide insurance fraud training to law enforcement, investigators or the general public.


Graduation from an accredited law school with a JD or LL.B degree.

Additionally, this position requires:

  • a license to practice law in the State of Texas; and
  • five years of prosecutorial experience at the felony level.

Preferences for this position include:

  • an additional two years of prosecutorial experience; and
  • prior experience with insurance or financial fraud investigations and prosecutions.

This position requires demonstrated knowledge of:

  • statutes and case law relating to prosecution of criminal offenses; and
  • evidentiary techniques.

This position requires demonstrated skill in:

  • applying critical thinking to evaluate, analyze and interpret information;
  • problem solving, decision making and planning;
  • legal research, analysis, and writing in plain English; and
  • the use of personal computers and software including Microsoft Word, Access and Excel.

This position requires the demonstrated ability to:

  • analyze and solve legal problems and interpret laws and regulations affecting the agency;
  • deal tactfully and professionally with the public, co-workers, agency staff and law enforcement;
  • express comments and opinions clearly and logically;
  • communicate effectively to fulfill duty and reporting requirements;
  • efficiently research complex legal issues;
  • prepare clear and accurate opinions and briefs;
  • prepare cases for trial;
  • summarize findings;
  • interpret and apply laws;
  • use legal reference materials;
  • comprehend and apply criminal statutes, including Texas Insurance Code and Texas Administrative Code;
  • work independently; and
  • organize and manage competing priorities.

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