Assistant District Attorney




SALARY LEVEL:  $60,000 - $80,000 + insurance and retirement benefits + bar dues + MCLE costs.  Salary is exclusive of Texas State supplement for longevity.

79TH Judicial District:  The 79th Judicial District includes Jim Wells and Brooks Counties.  The position is funded through Jim Wells County.  All benefits included and employee policies associated with the position are based on those adopted and approved by Jim Wells County. 

SUMMARY:  The Assistant District Attorney hired will work as felony prosecutors with possibility of management responsibilities.  Prosecutors are involved in all aspects of the District Attorney’s Office including felony intake, trial, appellate and civil asset forfeiture duties in Jim Wells and Brooks Counties.  

Essential Duties

Screen cases;

Present cases to a grand jury;

Participate in the preparation and trial of criminal cases and post-conviction/appeals;

Serve as a liaison between the District Attorney’s Office and other criminal justice entities;

Work closely with law enforcement agencies within the jurisdiction and region;

Attend various law enforcement meetings, multi-agency task forces, and staff meetings with local, state, and federal entities;

Provide technical and legal assistance to investigative personnel;

Provide legal advice, opinions and recommendations to investigative personnel in the areas of search and seizure issues, statutes and case law, and case presentations;

Review affidavits by investigative personnel requesting the issuance of search warrants, wiretap orders, pen register and trap and trace orders, mobile tracking device orders, and other similar court orders;

Participate in regional training presentations and/or host local training sessions for law enforcement personnel, as needed;

Perform legal research relating to the investigation and prosecution of complex, long-term cases against organized criminal enterprises;

Commit oneself to providing excellent customer service and demonstrate commitment through cooperative team and individual efforts; and

Create a high quality work culture through participation in and emphasis on training and development of leadership and technical skills, including safety-related training and skills.

Other Important Duties*

Attend Continuing Legal Education and relevant training seminars;

Keep abreast of relevant court decisions and legislative changes;

Travel within the 79th Judicial District and surrounding region for official purposes;

Performs such other related duties as may be assigned.

OPENING:  Job will open immediately and remain open until filled.

APPLICATIONS:  Available at the 79th Judicial District Attorney’s office (200 N. Almond, #201, Alice, Texas 78332) or arrange fax or email by calling 361-668-5716, ask for Vivian Lara.

QUALIFICATIONS:  A background check will be conducted on applicants.  Two references required.

EDUCATION and/or EXPERIENCE:  Must be licensed to practice law in the State of Texas.  J.D. or L.L.B. degree from an accredited law school.  Must have some felony trial experience.  Prefer at least five years of work experience as a prosecuting attorney.  Prefer some management experience.  Ability to work well with others is a must.

LANGUAGE SKILLS:  Ability to read, analyze, and interpret common scientific and technical journals, financial reports, and legal documents.  Ability to respond to common inquiries from the public, regulatory agencies, and law enforcement entities.  Ability to effectively present information to top management and public groups.  Ability to speak and/or read Spanish preferred.

The District Attorney’s Office is an equal opportunity employer.

Those who want to apply should call the office at 361-668-5716, and ask for Vivian Lara. Vivian will fax or email an application to those interested.