Attorney - Post Conviction


$2,131.08 - $3,781.22 Biweekly   
$55,408.08 - $98,311.72 Annually
(Salary commensurate with experience)
ISSUE DATE: 07/03/17

FINAL FILING DATE: Open until filled

TO APPLY, an on-line application is required:

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Prosecute and defend all manner of civil and criminal matters in various levels of trial and appellate courts and administrative forums.
Provide written or verbal legal advice to individual or governmental clients and draft legal instruments or other written documents with legal implications.
Investigate facts giving rise to legal issues and bring about solutions to clients' legal problems in a variety of forums.
Attorney generally handles criminal and civil matters of great complexity and gravity and performs substantial mentoring functions with less experienced attorneys.
Attorney works under the general supervision of more experienced attorneys in an effort to build knowledge, skills, and expertise and consistently acts in place of a supervisor when an actual supervising attorney is unavailable or absent.
Posting may close at any time.

1.      Makes decisions and counsels with clients, victims, or police concerning proceedings in court or related forums.

2.      Drafts and files pleadings, answers, motions, briefs, and responses necessary to conduct litigation and proceedings in related forums.

3.      Appears in court and forums to select juries, present and cross-examine evidence, make legal arguments, and act as an advocate.

4.      Identifies, locates, and prepares witnesses to present testimony effectively in court or related forums.

5.     Counsels and advises clients within the bounds of confidentiality, when applicable, regarding legal issues in all phases of litigation and in non-adversarial contexts.

6.      Identifies and prepares non-testimonial forms of evidence for use in court and related forums.

7.      Drafts legal instruments and documents with legal implications.

8.      Negotiates with others to settle litigation or other contested matters or to assist in solving problems with legal implications.

9.      Conducts and supervises investigations in civil and criminal discovery proceedings.

10.   Develops knowledge, skill, and expertise in applicable areas of law to keep pace with current developments.

11.   Strives for experience, knowledge, and skills.

12.   Consistently acts in place of a supervisor when an actual supervising attorney is unavailable or absent.

13.   Performs other related duties as assigned.

TO APPLY, an on-line application is required:

Link to apply for current Tarrant County job openings is:


TO APPLY, must be licensed to practice law and be a member in good standing of the State Bar of Texas.

TO APPLY, must have prior experience in the relevant area of law.

Excellent working knowledge, understanding of, and ability to apply current applicable laws, procedures, current case holdings, and departmental policies and proficient ability to apply such to decision making is required.

Ability to work efficiently and effectively in high-pressure situations and excellent, advanced verbal and written communication is required evidenced by courtroom pleading/arguing skills.

Possesses analytical ability, is diplomatic and tactful, and uses good judgment and common sense.

Possesses excellent verbal and written skills to communicate information and directions to courts, attorneys, investigators, police agencies, and citizens.

Attorney is responsible for working in a cooperative manner with support staff and investigators.

Attorney must be computer literate.
If hired, must provide proof of educational attainment
at New Hire Processing or during the promotional process.

Tarrant County will conduct background checks on new hires that will include a criminal background check related to convictions and deferred adjudications in the past seven years and may include credit reports, motor vehicle records, employment records and educational attainment. A conviction or deferred adjudication is not an automatic bar to employment. Each case is considered individually.

While performing the duties of this position, the incumbent is regularly required to bend, carry, climb, climb stairs, grasp/squeeze, hear, keyboard, lift below the waist, lift between waist and shoulder, lift overhead, lift to the side/twist, tolerate noise, pull, push, reach, reach overhead, perform repetitive tasks, see color, see hear, sit, stand, stoop, talk, twist, use his/her hands, and walk.