Warrants Manual for Arrest, Search & Seizure (2014 edition)


The 2014 edition of Warrants Manual for Arrest, Search & Seizure is the best basic "how-to" guide through the often-confusing world of search and seizure with a warrant. The 2014 edition includes all the helpful samples from previous editions, plus new discussion and samples of warrants for digital evidence, including cell phones and computers. Other topics include:

        * preparing warrant affidavits;

        * probable cause;

        * executing search & arrest warrants;

        * suppression hearings; and

        * specialty warrants.

        Authors Tom Bridges & L.E. “Ted” Wilson are frequent speakers throughout the state on search & seizure topics. Tom Bridges is the retired district attorney in Sinton, and Ted Wilson is the retired chief of the special crimes bureau at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.